1. For car hire with driver services, except transfers, we apply a two-hour disposition minimum time
  2. For direct extra-urban transfers (without stops), we apply kilometric fares.
  3. Pick-up services from/to airports have special fares. Ask the booking service for them, calling the number .+393341169329
  4. Each passenger can bring up to TWO SUITCASES, EACH LUGGAGE EXCESS,
    EG: SKI AND EQUIPMENTS, HAVE TO BE DECLARED upon booking, in order to avoid an unsuitable car.
  5. It remains at drivers’discretion whether or not to load into cars undeclared cumbersome objects or excess luggage not satisfying safety transport conditions (broken, dirty, wet suitcases etc)
  6. TAXI TRANSFER commits itself in every reasonable way to assure its vehicles,or those driven by its collaborators,to be in time to destination departure and arrival appointments and will not however be responsible for out of hand delays.
  7. Cars  have all been recently registered , are covered by car/passenger insurance and are in order with all traffic permissions in force in Italy and E.E.C.
  8. TAXI-TRANSFERpassenger transport is totally covered by the third party insurance that TAXI-TRANSFER stipulated for its vehicles. The passenger’s possessions are instead transported under the supervision of passengers,who declare their ownership upon boarding.  Upon leaving check your luggage correspondence; loss responsibilities or damages will not be accepted. ALL THE TRANSPORTED OBJECTS ARE UNDER YOUR SUPERVISION
  9. Should TAXI-TRANSFER result unable to  transport passengers to the booked and paid destination, by its means and by external collaborators’means, for reasons under its control, it will provide to organize the transfer by external means (Taxi, Car hire with driver, car rental) and to subsequently refund the customer for the transport expense, under production of receipt/invoice. The transfer refund will not exceed the rates in force for the same settled route
  10. TAXI –TRANSFERwill be held responsible for possible costs and losses caused by delays and mistakes directly imputable to our scopes, in this case we will provide for a 200,00 € limited refund for each booking.
  11. TAXI-TRANSFER reserves at any time the right to change parts (or the entirety) of these agreements without giving notice to customers,partners,tour operators or agencies.
  12. The customer is compelled to inform us as soon as possible of any problems that might derive from inefficiencies or faults directly imputable to our conduct. We will look after becoming active in order to rapidly solve any inconvenience and loss to guarantee the full customer’ satisfaction.
  13. These transport conditions and all the related services observe the laws regulating service sales in Italy. This guarantees protection for the passenger and his luggage .

User behaviour during the car hire with driver  service
The car hire service users are forbidden to:

  1. smoke during transport;
  2. throw objects from both moving and stationary vehicles;
  3. dirty,soil or damage the vehicle;
  4. claim for domestic animal transport without having adopted,by an agreement with the hirer,all the useful measures to avoid the car damaging or soiling;
  5. claim for a transport violating the safety and behavioural rules set by the Highway Code in force

Right of car hire with driver  service and complementary services booking cancellation
The customer can cancel the booking by sending us an e-mail at the address
The car hire with driver service or the complementary services cancellation will be accepted within 12 hours before the service. To cancellations received within 4 hours before the service beginning
will be applied a penalty equal to the 50% of the service amount.
In case of a flight cancellation or an over 30 minutes departure delay  the customer is compelled to informus by calling our booking number or to send an sms/email in order for us to guarantee you the presence of one of our employees at your arrival. The failure to inform us of the flight delay or cancellation will preclude you the right to have an available car, in case of delayed or  postponed arrival there will be a 50% penalty.